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DiwaliFest 2020, The Festival of Lights, is a religious, cultural and ethnic fusion of music! With various singers included in our compact and entertainment filled program there will be an array of singers and styles of music, with musicians and singers hailing from many different parts of the world, such as Trinidad, Guyana, India, Canada, etc., there will be a mix of religious bhajans and soulful bollywood film songs. Our goal is to bring the culture, joy and light of Diwali into the homes of those watching through music.

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Thanks for stopping by! CICF is proud to present the annual festival ChutneyFest! Each and every year we take pride in showcasing the best of local Indo-Caribbean talent. We feature key elements of our culture through various food, music and dance! When attending ChutneyFest you are sure to experience an explosion of Indo-Caribbean culture, with vibrant colours, tasty foods, infectious music and energetic dance moves that highlight our heritage, you are sure to be dancing along and enjoying every minute! At ChutneyFest, we ensure that the Indo-Caribbean culture is represented to the best of our ability by featuring local Canadian talent as well as international artists! With ChutneyFest happening late July of every year, be sure to pay close attention to upcoming announcements! You can always refer to our website, as well as our social medias! If you’d like to know more on what ChutneyFest is about be sure to click that read more button below! 

The chutneyfest mission

Here at ChutneyFest, our main mission is to expose the youth and current multicultural community to the Indo-Caribbean culture and heritage. This allowing many individuals across the GTA to showcase and further develop their talents in representation to the Indo-Caribbean culture. 

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We are so happy to have had such a successful display of Indo-Caribbean Culture! We did our best to give our audience a show they would never forget! It had all types of talents, age groups, and styles of music that make up the Indo-Caribbean Culture! If you missed it need not worry click the red button below to watch the full show!!

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