Our Amazing Team!

Our President

Stephenson Nanan – President
Stephen is the captain of the ship here at ChutneyFest! With his will power and ongoing creative ideas he is always a driving factor in the great outcome of ChutneyFest each and every year! Stephen is a constant lover of Indo-Caribbean culture and heritage as it is deeply rooted in his ancestry, he began playing guitar for classical East-Indian and traditional West-Indian music at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since! He continues to provide today’s generation with the exposure of the Indo-Caribbean community!

Our Fantastic Directors

Celine Nanan – Director
Kiran Dindial – Director
Kamela Singh – Director

Our Outstanding Officers

Geeta Nanan – Officer
Jason Ramkisson – Officer
Vijai Ramdath – Officer

ChunteyFest is not possible with the constant work of our committee!