The Indo-Caribbean culture has multiple dynamics, at ChutneyFest we make sure to hit every right note! On the ChutneyFest stage, we aim to play all types of music and showcase various instruments that are closely connected to the Indo-Caribbean community. At ChutneyFest there is a special focus on portraying the central-local talent we have right here in the GTA as well as bringing in foreign artists that epitomize the culture and really help our attendees feel connected the Indo-Caribbean music! We promise that our acts won’t disappoint! In recent years we have included artists and bands such as The Band Destiny, Omardath Maraj, Dubraj Persad, Andaz Int, Terry Gajraj, Hemlata Dindial, Navin Yankarran, New Image Tassa, and so much more! With so much non-stop entertainment, you’re sure to be encapsulated by Indo-Caribbean Music! CICF and ChutneyFest takes pride in working with the youth and upcoming musical generations of the community. Being able to help promote and showcase their talent as well as helping to develop their confidence is a key aspect of the overall mission of ChutneyFest. We display many forms of talent and music on the ChutneyFest Stage, ranging from tassa drumming, live bands, steel pan, and our annual singing competition! Each year ChutneyFest includes a competition for our local singers to go head-to-head in an entertaining and fierce battle to see who will be crowned the ChutneyFest Champion! If you reside in the GTA and would like to enter access our external criteria and registration form through the portal below, or by clicking on the “ChutneyFest Champion” header in the menu! For answers to any and all additional questions please contact us, all contact information can be found on our “contact us page”, we are also available on social media which can be accessed at the bottom of the page!